Thursday, December 8, 2022




When Patrick Stafford joined the military and got based in Anchorage, Alaska, he soon found himself looking for ways to fill his free time. He tried out a handful of options, but none of them were doing the trick. When the memory of an old conversation sparked the idea of music into his head, he set out to create music with the time that he wasn’t investing in the military. Little did he know that this new passion would turn into his full-time career.

Pulling inspiration from artists such as Blackbear, Kenny Beats, Mac Miller, and a handful of others, Patrick Stafford, better known as Stafford Beats, has created a sound that appeals to the masses. He uses individual elements from each of his inspirations while adding a little bit of a twist, making it his own. He loves the music that he creates and hopes that anyone that listens feels good and catches a good vibe along the way.

He loves making music and the joy that it brings his fans, but Stafford Beats admits that it can be tough being an artist. “It’s a grind. It takes constant effort every single day, and you really need to have the passion for it, or you’ll get burnt out,” says Stafford. He also notes that his passion for music is so strong that despite his previous track record with picking up new hobbies and starting a different one the second he becomes bored, he has pushed through all the adversity and stuck with music. Clearly the right choice thus far for this up-and-coming star.

Something that is important to me is proving to myself that I am capable of doing great things— success sometimes feels like a weird concept, and I’m finally at a point where I see major success happening for me in the near future,” notes Stafford. This young creator has a bright future ahead of him. With limitless amounts of creativeness and drive, there is no telling just how far Stafford Beats will take his music career.

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