Thursday, December 8, 2022

Journey a Famous Business Man from America – Alan J. Omar



Today we cover the success story of yet another entrepreneur and businessman, Alan J. Omar. While a regular citizen, Omar is a person with extraordinary vision. Let’s take an exclusive look at his journey.

American entrepreneur Alan J. Omar is a real estate developer, investor, and businessman. He is the Founder and CEO of The Capital Gate.

Alan was born on February 2, 1983, in Selemani, Kurdish region of northern Iraq. He holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, with a major in Finance and a minor in Accounting. His passion for the finance sector is behind his decision to pursue this educational path.

Before completing his studies, he landed his first job as a construction worker in Holland at the age of 15 before he relocated to the US in 2000. This role was a filler role as Omar’s true interest was in earning and learning new things daily. He later held the role of consultant to foreign companies who were interested in entering the Kurdish-Iraqi market for trade, crude oil, LNG and other petroleum-based products.

While working as a consultant, he noticed a lack in the financial resources of the investors from developing countries. This observation opened his eyes to the importance of the finance sector. He then decided to establish his own venture, The Capital Gate. The company is currently based in Virginia in the US. It is a private equity and real estate investment firm.

Alan J. Omar is also the founder of Seva Market & Deli (founded in 2011), a licensed brand in the petroleum industry that operates three separate business departments, including a convenience store, fuel station and fast-food deli. He sold Seva Market & Deli in 2014. The sale of this company made it possible for him to establish a larger business in the petroleum industry.

The Capital Gate was founded in 2005 (relaunched in 2009). Omar built this company with the aim helping investors globally. The Capital Gate applies specific strategies to focus on low-risk investment funds that provide long-term consistent returns.The Capital Gate has three sectors – real estate, private equity, and consulting. The real estate aspect focuses on investing, developing, and managing commercial and mixed-used real estate properties. The private equity arm invests in firms with great management teams through growth capital, fund of funds and acquisitions. The last area, which is consulting, advises its clients and investors on strategic acquisitions, leadership development and capital structure, helping international investors access their desired markets.

In addition to his mission to help entities access funding, Omar is committed to helping and inspiring young minds. To achieve this, he joined Global Diplomatic Center. It is a platform that promotes diplomatic excellence, global understanding and recognizes the importance of diplomacy in serving nations. Alan’s skills and accomplishments opened the door for him to serve as a board member and strategic advisor to the Global Diplomatic Center (GDC).

Beyond business, Alan has an athletic background. He is a former professional table tennis and football player. He played these sports as a in Kurdistan, Netherlands, and the USA.
Alan’s story is one of pure inspiration. It is his desire for others to observe him and come to believe that they can accomplish great things as well.

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