Thursday, December 8, 2022

Let’s talk music with the young Entrepreneur and Independent Artist, Famousvicz who has been a sensation with his Indie Music



One has to work relentlessly to be good at what you strive for. The younger generation has deployed their creativity in their work with much enthusiasm. The ship of independent musical artists has been overloaded with competition. To float atop, you must know your vision your dream, know its value, able to take risks, strive for it and overall never fear.

Entrepreneur and Music Artist, Victor Hugo Almonte Jr, much popular by his stage name, Famousvicz has written his own success tale with his genuine work. So let’s take you to his journey back when he started everything new.

The young artist was born in 1993 in Florida and raised in New York, USA. Later he moved to Cleveland, Ohio and now he resides there. A person devoted to music since his childhood, he has much brought much recognition in the world of music throughout the globe. An engineer by his academic degree, he was more into following his passion for music. Thus he marked the onset of his musical career at the age of 20 all on his own with just a computer and a microphone.

Learning with verses and rhythmic beats, he started first by covering the songs of popular artists. He poured his own talent while recreating the songs. This was his first step in his musical career. He then launched his own channel on SoundCloud and carried huge love from his listeners over the internet with an instant hit. The channel on SoundCloud soon recorded over 300 thousand plays. The channel also features over 22 new tracks gaining the love and support of many followers.

He listened to a lot of music stuff in YouTube Music and then started his career as a professional in Indie music. He works on every track with a view of his listeners in his mind that the new track should carry more hits and strike the chord with them. His peppy music genre leaves his fans striving for more.

The Florida born Dominican artist has his latest single, ‘Grind Mode’out on the music platform, Spotify with a dope. His popular releases are Talk (2022), Catch me in the trap (2021) and many more. The singer is also available on SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify as well. Check out his latest tracks on these platforms.

Leaving aside his musical world, he is also interested in boxing and brackets. He chose music to reveal his true and inner talents and to express himself. And without a mentor or any connection with international artists or anyone in the big industry of music, he has remained an independent talent in music with his sheer patience and hard work.He has his own competition and do not prefer to compete and compare with others. He is looking forward to bring back the golden era of the 70s when the genres of pop and hip-hop were the rulers of music.

Now that he is a renowned artist in the music industry, he feels elated to share his story of pursuing his dream career. Moreover he would like to guide and teach anyone who has a deep passion to pursue it as a career. So do follow Famousvicz on Instagram, @famousvicz and shower love and support to his music. You can get to know of his latest releases through his updates. You can also contact him through the info he has shared on his profile.