Thursday, December 8, 2022

Meet the Famous Emirati Fashion & Business Entrepreneur from UAE – Noora Fikree



Here we are again with yet another success story of an entrepreneur turned successful business owner who has put her stamp in many of the fields of her expert and interest- Noora Fikree. She is an Emirati entrepreneur who began her journey as an entrepreneur in 2015 itself. She has her Bachelors in Finance & Banking along with many other qualifications in accounting, leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing. She is a visionary who aims to support the growth of local and international business within the markets of UAE.

Fashion Entrepreneur and businesswoman, Noora Fikree is the founder of Almisk Group, the business enterprise dealing with an extensive arena in the United Arab Emirates. Al Misk Group, a UAE based company was established in 2017 under Dubai SME. It was founded by the visionary Entrepreneur, Noora Fikree from the United Arab Emirates. It is the holding company of three different company portfolios exposing their services in events management and fashion shows, e-commerce retailing and beauty cosmetics trading. It also specializes in marketing and promoting registered SME businesses based in UAE & GCC to get exposed widely in the retail and fashion market. With Al Misk, Noora even welcomes upcoming entrepreneurs to become an official ambassador to represent her company.

Al Misk Events (@almisk_events) is an establishment for event planning by Noora. It is the ultimate fashion hub created since 2017 known for organizing luxurious exhibitions and fashion shows in the United Arab Emirates. Any indoor and outdoor exhibitions and fashion shows that attract small to medium firms together with well-known fashion houses in the UAE and around the GCC, Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey and Morocco. It can be wind up in one line as a one stop shop for event and fashion show organizing.

Al Misk Boutique is an e-commerce platform for selling products and service packages. It helps its customers to shop at ease by purchasing all of their needs in one place. They aim to create an online based community that gives the sense of belonging to something bigger towards a digital future. Among its services, make-up artists, beauty clinincs and saloons along with marketing campaigns are some of them to be mentioned. You can visit its web portal, and get the updated information related to e-commerce.

The online platform, Shagra Beauty (@shagrabeauty) by Noora is a beauty & cosmetics brand with SME license and worldwide shipping partnered with Dollface Cosmetics (, a luxury lash brand in the market since 2015 and licensed by DED.

Al Misk has been in the market since 2015 connecting the local firms but Noora made up her mind to launch her venture Al Misk on a digital platform when the pandemic hit hard and affected the world’s economy to a great extent. To support the mid-sized fashion and style businesses as well as the home-grown small businesses that had suffered from lack of exposure and opportunities that were limited. She has recently hosted the official launch ceremony of the new e-commerce platform in Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Festival city. The launch was supported by many entrepreneurs from all the seven United Arab Emirates. Improvising her leadership in the launch event, Noora shared her mission and vision behind the launch of the online platform with strong determination, wide visions and ambitions.

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