Thursday, December 8, 2022

Meet the Popular & Famous Professional Stand-Up Comedian from Germany – Nizar Akremi



Who doesn’t like the elements of comedy? There will hardly be a no from the reader’s community. We all long for entertainment and when today’s stand-up comedians work a lot to bring their best efforts in perfecting the skill in comedy, we too should appreciate whole-heartedly their work and support in cheering them up. Nizar Akremi is a Professional Stand-Up-Comedian who belongs to Germany. He is popular by Nizar in his social media profiles.

Born on 1st February, 1984 to Tunisian parents, Nizar grew up in nearby Bad Breisig in Rhineland-Palatinate. He longed to begin his career in singing initially in the early 2000s. When a child gets attracted to some known and easy skills to learn and play, Nizar was cultivating his mind towards something great; something extraordinary. Stand-up comedy, it is.

He had this inhibited talent of making jokes which had meaningful impact and was able to capture the people around quickly with his comedic talk. His enthusiasm for stand-up comedy could be perceived from a very young age. While he spent his childhood days in the US, his well-wishers always asked him to follow his heart. His desire for stand-up comedy is an output of his inspirations, Eddie Murphy and Jim Carrey, the American actors and stand-up comedians. He entered into the world of comedy in his early 30s. It was in the month of September 2015, when one of his friends recorded him while telling jokes and then released the video under the title, ‘Questions the world doesn’t need!’ in Facebook and later on YouTube. His content gained enormous more than 500 thousand views. This was huge in the first attempt and that too without any plans.

It was then when Nizar decided to focus on his inner talent and since March 2016, he has been a Stand-Up Comedian till present. The popular artist from Germany is available in Instagram and YouTube, both, where he has a vast platform in stand-up comedy. His first stand-up special, ‘Nizar Shitstorm’ is exclusively available on his YouTube channel already uploaded two months back in 2022. The artist has regularly published his videos titled as a mix of jokes on his YouTube channel. His regular video uploads in his channel became the content as his promotional tool for his live performances.

The comedian artist also runs his Podcasts sharing his quality content through it. Nizar & Shayan Garcia are two German minds behind the idea of podcasts under the name, ‘Die Deutschen’. Both of them indulge themselves in audio and video podcasts available in all platforms such as Spotify, Apple, Amazon and Deezer on every Tuesday and Thursday live on YouTube at 8 pm.

By the ending of 2018, Nizar appeared alongside Mike Kruger, Janine Kunze and Pierre M. Krause in Hugo Egon Balder’s Sat.1 show, ‘Really Funny’. In June 2018, the artist tried exploring his talents in expanding in the space of podcasts joining in the journey with YouTuber, Shayan Garcia. He has also begun the Comedy Clinch format with Olli Gimber which was later continued as a live program Punchline – The Ultimate Joke Battle. It was from February 2020 when Nizar presented his first stage program entitled ‘Witz Command’. The tour covered more than 30 cities all across.

This year, in the month of May, the comedian made an announcement of his second live program, Deutsch, aber gel! that would run through 18 German cities from the month of September 2022 and conclude by May 2023. The Comedy Sandwich, German but Funny and mixed shows are some of the events which the audience would witness his stand-up comedy contents to be held in Frankfurt, Bonn, Leipzig, Wesel, Zurich, Berlin, Dortmund and many more stop spots.

Hope he continues to entertain with his big shows and events further and reach bunch of success consistently. Visit Nizar’s official website to get some more info on his events and tours and other works on