Thursday, December 8, 2022

Silicone Center-The Specialized Clinic for Prosthesis Surgery



Silicone Center is Brazil’s premier cosmetic surgery clinic specialized in prosthesis surgery. With more than 20 years of experience, the Silicone Center clinic was founded by professionals with the aim of offering the procedure of insertion of silicone prostheses at more affordable prices. They hand pick surgeons to work alongside them in order to offer the very best to its customers.

By bringing together some of the finest cosmetic surgeons, Silicone Center  offers several type of prosthesis like Conical Shape Prosthesis, Drop Shape Prosthesis, High Profile Round  Prosthesis, Low Profile Round  Prosthesis and Super High Profile Round  Prosthesis.

Silicone Center is famous in the entire South American region for its breast augmentation procedures. They can change the size and shape of the breasts to give the choice of look and feel to its customers. The type of breast enhancement procedure a customer chooses will depend on various factors. They perform procedures both with and without breast implants based on the suitability and preferences of the customers. Some patients also choose to have a breast lift at the same time. Silicone Center’s highly skilled cosmetic surgery doctors can help guide them to make the right decision for you when considering prosthesis surgery.

Placing silicone implants seems like a distant dream to many women due to their financial conditions but this desire need not to be forgotten. Knowing this reality and understanding the demand for renewed self-esteem, a team of professionals came together and founded the Silicone Center clinic to make silicone implant insertion surgery affordable for its customers.

Located at ten different cities across Brazil, the facilities at the Silicone Center are modern and have all the necessary infrastructure to safely perform silicone prosthesis placement surgeries. All the units have highly qualified professionals with over 20 years of experience in plastic surgery clinics.

Putting on silicone is not just breast enlargement. The choice of the size of the prosthesis is made to ensure that the customers have a proportional result, according to other characteristics of their body. However, although this is an individual choice and made with great discretion by the doctor, at Silicone Center, customers are free to have a one on one discussion with the experts about any queries they might have about the procedures, the shape of the breast implant, the appropriate profile for their biotype and even the volume to achieve the desired result. The customers can also visit their website and proceed towards the Breast Implant Simulator to get their queries answered. Besides, Silicon Center has its own Blog where it covers different topics related to breast implants. Due to the clinic’s immense popularity and successful work, it has garnered more than 253K followers on its Instagram profile. Patient safety has been and always will be Silicone Center’s first priority. They continues to work with industry groups, physicians, scientists and health authorities globally to monitor reports, understand risks, and help women find their unique sense of mental, social and physical well-being. Silicone Center’s prosthesis surgeries are done keeping the patient in mind. They believe innovation should be driven according to the patients’ need and should be backed by science, high design and thorough testing.